Hideki Ojima

Parallel Marketer & Evangelist at

Hideki Ojima

Hideki Ojima is a Parallel Marketer & Evangelist who is working for several IT service companies (ABEJA, Stripe, Nulab, EventRegist, moongift, etc). Hideki is also a Chairman of CMC_Meetup (Community Marketing Community Meetup) which is promoting the benefit of “community marketing” based on his 7 years career (2009 - 2016) at AWS Japan.


ZEN of Community Marketing

Want to grow “YOUR” brand / service / business through the community? You can learn the framework for community building and marketing based on what AWS Japan did in Japan actually. JAWS-UG (Japan AWS User Group) is the biggest cloud user group in Japan, and the community was designed by “Sell through the community” method in 2009. Now the JAWS-UG is running about 260 meetups for 9,300 attendees in a year. You can find how to design and manage the community like JAWS-UG through this session.

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