Jongmin Kim

Evangelist at Elastic

Jongmin Kim

Jongmin Kim beening SW developer for 7 years, and now in new currier of Evangelist in Elastic since 2015. Jongmin started Elasticsearch Seoul community before he join Elastic and it grew up over 4K members by now. These days, Jongmin works with creating and localizationing technical contents, writing blog post and articles, running meetups, participate tech conference and communicate with developers. Lovest to meet and communcate with people about technical stuffs, and feels happy for meeting cool new technologies every day.


How I started Elastic community and it became my job

Elastic is the company beyond Elasticsearch. I started Elastic Seoul community on 2014. Our very first meetup with 12 attendees became to 4,000 group members by now. And organizing community became to my profession, and now I am working at Elastic as DevRel.

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