Tomomi Imura

Developer Advocate at Slack

Tomomi Imura

Tomomi Imura is a writer, speaker, software engineer, and a technology advocate, who is currently working for Developer Relations team at Slack in San Francisco, also taking a role as an advisor for Code Chrysalis in Tokyo.

She has been working to build developer communities and share her knowledge to provide technical solutions with unique and creative ways at various companies including large corporates to startups and communities, including The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to improve mobile web in past.

Tomomi writes various technical articles for Smashing Magazine, Net Magazine, Tuts Plus, Scotch.io, etc. also in Japanese for HTML5 Experts, as well as a technical editor for O’Reilly Media and Packt Publishing.


Because We Learn Things Differently

“RTFM!” – Really? Is that how you shame your developers for not reading the entire docs?

We all know just giving developers some APIs and the docs doesn’t automatically make developers to build awesome apps on your platform, and this is why we exist. It is too much to expect the developers to just read your docs to build something awesome.

In my talk, I focus on developer education and how we should offer learning materials in various styles to support diverse developers.

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