Brian Munz

at Qlik

Brian Munz

Brian is a Qlik hacker, extender, integrator, customizer and community builder. As Director of Developer Relations at Qlik, his mission is to engage, encourage and foster Qlik’s relationship with external developers. Through innovation, collaboration and inspiration, the developer relations team has one goal – making developers (you) successful in their (your) use of Qlik’s products.

When not dealing with data and web technologies, Brian spends his time outside work with his family & friends, traveling, playing and listening to music, and wandering the woods of Pennsylvania. Brian is also a board member of We See Hope USA (https://www.weseehopeusa.org/) and is passionate about the importance and value of corporate social responsibility.


Developers Who Give Back: Growing Community & Purpose Through CSR

These days, employees are looking for more than just a paycheck. There is a growing sense of need for purpose, both in and out of the workforce. This session will talk about how we integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into our developer community and watched it thrive in surprising ways.

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